Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the site and are typically determined after the initial consultation. However, we can give you a general idea of what to expect up front. There are four components to putting together a live website. They are:

Domain Name This is your Web address that needs to be registered with a Domain Registrar such as GoDaddy. Registration costs approximately $15 - 20 per year, billed annually by the registrar directly to your credit card. If you don't already have a domain name, your first year may be free with the purchase of a hosting package.

Website Development  -  This is a one-time fee paid to a developer such as Website Solutions of CNY to design, develop, and launch a website. This fee varies based on the scope of the project, and will be agreed upon before any work is done. A small (6-10 page) informational site with professional layout and image prep generally costs between $1000 and $1500. Larger, more interactive sites might run $1500 to $2000. E-commerce (selling products and taking payments online) will incur additional cost.

Website Hosting  -  This is the cost of keeping your site available for viewing on the Internet. A fee is charged for "renting" space on a server in the provider's data center, as well as other optional, value-added services they may offer.  Like domain registration, this fee is non-negotiable and charged annually by the host directly to your credit card. A tiered pricing schedule has been set based on the requirements of your site, such as storage & bandwidth requirements, password protection, or e-commerce. Prices range from $16/month to $45/month. The Starter package, at $16/month seems to provide most of the popular small business features at an affordable price.

Website Maintenance  -  The cost of making content updates or additions after the site has been launched. Many informational sites get by with updates every 6, or even 12, months. Other more dynamic sites may require monthly updates. At Website Solutions, there are no monthly maintenance fees. If you would like us to perform your maintenance activities, we charge on a pay-as-you-go, hourly basis.  Typically, the rate is $50 per hour. Optionally, we can provide training to allow you to perform most  maintenance activities yourself. Of course, there will be a charge for time spent training and preparing training materials.