The Process

In order to meet the individual needs of our clients, we have intentionally designed a great deal of flexibility into our development process. You are the reason that we are in business, so it's only natural that we want you to be comfortable with the process from start to finish. Therefore, we would like to give you an idea of how the process works for a typical project.

Initial Consultation

We'll meet in person or over the phone to discuss your website needs. To help you prepare, we've put together a list of questions to ask yourself.

First Deposit

To begin the job, we require approximately a 50% deposit.

Content Description

Content is simply all the text and images that will fill the pages of your website. Together we will determine how many pages you will need and whether or not you have existing material to fill them. Most times content is readily available in the form of advertising, brochures, company history, and product descriptions. Oftentimes, content can be migrated from your existing website.


If new content needs to be developed, we generally rely on our clients to provide it; however, we can edit and proofread your work. Please note that all content that you provide should be in electronic format such as a word processing document or email attachment. You may provide handwritten or printed material but that will slow down the process and may incur additional charges.

To guarantee the highest quality images and graphics, they should be submitted to us in digital format. Computer image files in .jpg or .png formats are the most popular. If you don't have computer images, then brochures, photographs, and other printed material will work. Please note that scanned images of printed material often result in lesser quality images, tend to slow down the process, and may incur additional charges.

Prototype Approval

The first major milestone is the approval of the site design prototype. We will design the look and feel of the site and build a skeleton framework, including the navigation elements or menu options. We will solicit your approval of the design before we continue. You will be able to view your site's progress at any time throughout the project using the development site address we will provide.

Second Deposit

For large projects, we may require a second deposit, or progress payment.

Website Construction

The approved design is now used to create your website. Copy, artwork, and photos are plugged into every page along with any additional content. Every website we design is built with optimal search engine results in mind. We encourage your comments and feedback during this important step. You will be able to view your site remotely from your computer at any time during this process. You can email or call in changes and corrections. We will continue to revise your site until you are completely satisfied and the site is ready to go "live".

Site Launch

Upon approval, the site will be uploaded to the server where we will do final testing and make any last minute adjustments, if needed. If you happen to notice anything that doesn't look quite right, please bring it to our attention and we will fix it right away.

Before the site can be linked to your domain name. the first year's hosting fee must be paid to the data center using a credit card. This card will be kept on file for subsequent annual renewals. This amount is typically around $150, and is in addition to any quoted work from the website developer.

Final Payment

We will invoice you once the site is live. We will take care of minor revisions and oversights at no charge for the first week after the site is launched. Any future changes will be billed separately at our site maintenance rate.

Search Engine Visibility

A common misconception is that newly launched sites will be indexed and included in search results immediately. We submit your site to Google for indexing after we work with you to provide appropriate keywords and descriptions. It can take a month or more to get established on the major search engines. In the meantime, we can offer suggestions on ways that you can help to improve your visibility.

Are we done yet?

No. Now is the time to actively and aggressively promote your site. Marketing your website is really only limited by your imagination. Make sure your website address is on all your advertising and customer materials.

Remember, it is important that your site does not get stale and outdated. A site that’s not kept current gives the impression that the business has a low standard of quality, lacks attention to detail, and is not well run. In addition, stale websites tend to get ranked lower by search engines than similar websites that are kept fresh with meaningful content.

We can help you keep your site content fresh and relevant and show the world that you mean business. We offer pay-as-you-go updating services, or we can teach you how to do much of the work yourself. Either way, we've got you covered.